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SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd, founded in the year 2000 in Chennai, is a leading Engineering Service Provider and also represents world's recognised CAD/CAM/CAE software like SolidWorks (Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation), Mastercam (CNC Software Inc), and Imold (Manusoft Technologies Pte Ltd). Our sincerity and commitment towards our customers has not only attained the trust of many but also helped us expand our operations to industrial hub like Bangalore, Coimbatore & Kolhapur. Read More
"With the help of API solution in SolidWorks, we have automated the assembly process and reduced design time span"
E. Arulmani Ethiraj, Managing Director, ARIV Technologies Pvt.Ltd
"SolidWorks Simulation Tools helps us in reducing design errors and design things right at first time"
K.V. Chandra Sekhar Sr. Manager - Manufacturing, Bailey Hydropower Pvt Ltd.
"SolidWorks reduces design time, prototype cost, and the inbuilt analysis tool helps us to do products right at first time"
Mr. C.P.Shiva Sankar - Technical Director, Ceeyes Metals Reclamations Pvt Ltd.
"We have evaluated Pro/E but due to advanced features and competitive cost we choose SolidWorks software"
Mr.Ramesh Manickam - CEO, Centroid
"SolidWorks is highly suitable for low volume manufacturers as it has very high emphasis on design productivity. This helps us to cut cost & time"
Arjun Prakash - President. Effica Automation
"SolidWorks helps in adhering valuable concept which makes customer to take faster decision".
Ganapathy Subramaniam - Managing Director, Madura Machine Tools.
"SolidWorks reduces overhead cost , Skill sets requirement and in Simple words "less people More Work".
Mr. Nikhil Padte - Technical Partner, MECHASOFT
"SolidWorks is an effective tool which removes obstacles in design process from concept to product realization and it does wonder "
Mr. P . Ramalingam Director-Design, Development & Business Planning, Nu-Tech Industrial Spares & Services (P) Ltd.
"SolidWorks made our Design simple, our Life & Work Simple In short SolidWorks is a CAD Language for Casting Manufacturer".
V. Shanmugavadivel Managing Partner, ORIGIN CADD INFOTECH.
"After started Using SolidWorks we reduced our Design time by 40% when compared to 2D CAD.Our Major Calculation & simulations are in SolidWorks, which helps us to take a final decision"
Mr.Nilesh Kulkarni - CEO, Pragati Automation Pvt. Ltd
"SolidWorks has a same design & Simulation platform which helps us in reducing design time & design complication"
"SolidWorks results matches Theoretical & Practical aspects and it is the user friendly 3D CAD with integrated Analysis solution".
Mr. Venkatesh -Technical Director, SPUDWEB TECHNOLOGIES INDIA PVT. LTD
Simtek was awarded as SolidWorks top reseller in India
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Newsletter - CAD | CAM Digest January 2014
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Dassault Systemes awarded Simtek, VAR of the year 2012 for"Best Technical Certification" & " Best Marketing Initiatives"
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SIMTEK awarded "Best VAR Tech process and systems" from Dassault Systemes for the second consecutive year.
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